Gifts and Legacies

We are enormously grateful to the Liverymen and Freeman who, over centuries, have written their names in our history by remembering the Company or one of its charities in their wills or letters of wishes. The Charity was very surprised and honoured to be named recently as a residuary legatee in the will of a Freeman. Her legacy will allowed the Charity to increase its programme of giving, with a particular focus on helping those in optical education.

If you are planning for the future and wish a note to be made of your intentions or if you would just like to have a discussion about how you could help, please contact the Office on 020 7236 2932 (+44 207 236 2932) or email to arrange a time for a confidential conversation. Thank you.

Find out how to leave a gift of lasting value in our Guide to Gifts and Legacies.

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