Charitable Work

A commitment to helping others is a fundamental part of Livery Company life.  All livery companies support charities but the causes they support are many and various - not only the well-known schools, almshouses and care provision but also small charities working to relieve poverty, reduce knife crime and addiction and increase access to education, sport and life-giving opportunities. 

In the case of the Spectacle Makers' Company, we operate through two independently-managed charities, which directly support improvement of vision, greater access and opportunities for those whose vision is impaired and optical training and education.  Our charitable aims are specific and always relate to the purpose of the Company - to support the prevention and treatment of vision impairment.

We will not respond to speculative requests for funding for ongoing financial support or grants which do not meet these criteria and our policy is not to respond to general "round-robin" appeals for funding.  Applications must be made in the specific formats specified.   

You can find out more about our charities and their criteria for giving here:


The WCSM Education TrusT,  Registered Charity no. 1135045  
The WCSM Education Trust is also registered in England as a company limited by guarantee, no. 7136548.

All Liverymen and Freeman are encouraged to  support either or both of these charities through regular giving, one-off donations, memorial giving and sponsored events. The Company itself and both charities are most grateful for any donations and acknowledge all gifts and bequests in an appropriate way and in discussion with the donor or executors.  Please call the Clerk on 020 7236 2932 at any time to discuss a gift or legacy in confidence.  We are not authorised, however, to give financial or tax advice.  HOW TO GIVE TO OUR CHARITIES

Liveryman David Baker donated royalties from his book "How Glasses Caught a Killer" to The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers' Charity
Liveryman Ian Wills and his partner Julie Zberowski raised funds by walking up Mount Kilimanjaro - and safely down again.

Our support for Goalball UK has received a wonderful bonus through a significant donation from The Howard Victor Skan Charitable Trust, through the good offices of Liveryman Roger Skan. The Charity is hugely grateful for all donations, large and small.