About us

The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers is number 60 in the list of City of London Livery Companies by order of precedence. Many people are surprised to hear that we were founded in 1629 - eye health is not just a modern presence on the High Street. 

Whilst over 75% of the Company’s members are, or have been, engaged in some way in vision-related activity, we are not a "closed" Company.  In the 18th Century the Company set a policy of welcoming members from outside the optical world.  Today, applications for membership are invited from professionals in all occupations.

Within the optical and sensory world, we are independent and multi-disciplinary.  All have an equal voice, whether they be ophthalmologists, audiologists, optometrists, technicians, manufacturers, dispensing opticians,  orthoptists, clinical advisers, optical nurses, distributors of contact lenses and intra-ocular lenses, optical assistants working in practice, in hospitals and in the community.... the list goes on and on.

Our reach extends way beyond the City of London.  We have members across the UK, in Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand, working in communities where, every day, the Spectacle Makers’ craft is in evidence, helping people to understand eye health, to see better and to make the most of life.