The Spectacle Makers’ Lecture

The Inaugural Spectacle Makers’ Lecture took place on Monday 5 December 2022 at The Royal Society, London. It was the first in a new series intended to bring to wider public attention major new scientific discoveries relating to vision.

Professor Russell Foster CBE, FRSB, FMedSci, FRS  presented the lecture, entitled “Keeping an Eye on the Time”. Professor Foster has an international reputation for his work on circadian biology. He is a regular voice on TV and radio and the author of the best-seller “Life Time: The new science of the body clock and how it can revolutionize your sleep and health”.

Keeping an Eye on the Time: Watch the Lecture

You can watch the lecture in full via YouTube, courtesy of Professor Russell Davies, who retains full copyright over the content.  Please fast forward through to minute 1:15 of the recording to reach the formal start of the lecture.

The next Spectacle Makers' Lecture is due to take place in the winter of 2023.  Please come back to this page after 6 October 2023 for details of the subject, speaker and venue and how to book your place.