The Spectacle Makers’ 100 Club

Image text reads: Join for a chance of winning £1000! Win big whilst giving to the Spectacle Makers' Charity, supporting better vision for all. With membership limited to 100 people, youknow that you will always have a chance of winning - compare that with the National Lottery! Each share costs £100 and anyone within the family of a Freeman or Liveryman can join, as long as they over the age of 16. The subscription roles forward automatically each year by setting up a standing order. There are 8 draws for £250 and 1 for £1000 per year.

We still have some places available for the 100 Club draw in December 2022! To register before the 30 November, or if you have any further enquiries relating to 100 Club, please contact

Details for the 100 Club 2023 will be released in January.