Membership of the Company is not restricted to those who work in the optical sector. Membership is open to anyone aged 18 and above, regardless of race, religion, marital status or disability. Membership of the Company has been open to both men and women since 1699.

There is no restriction on applications from outside the United Kingdom. Proof of identity and current address will be required (certified translations may be required in some cases) and all those who wish to be Freemen of the Company and Freemen of the City of London are required to declare their support for the British monarchy.

The Court’s general policy is that up to 25% of places within the Livery may be allocated to those who have no direct connection with optics but still support the Company’s aims.

Many current members are active in optical manufacturing, on the high street, in hospitals or in community eye care.  They are always happy to share their knowledge and experience.  We also have senior charity heads and professionals engaged in work which is associated with vision in some way but who are not themselves optically qualified.

The Company very much welcomes people working in other professions who share the values of the Livery world:the principle of Fellowship and support for the 4 C’s – the Craft, the City, Charity and Community.