Goalball UK

Goalball UK were the winners of our first 3-year grant competition in 2017. The grant of up to £10,000 per year (subject to annual review and regular reporting) was to help set up new Goalball clubs in London and increase awareness of the sport nationwide.

At a special event in Sheffield, Goalball UK’s base, in September 2018, Charity Trustees were able to meet the men’s Goalball squad preparing for the European championships. Both the men’s and women’s teams have a real chance of reaching the Paralympics within the next few years, if excellent coaching and an overwhelming team spirit count for anything.

This is a fast and furious sport. Sighted people can get involved and play, wearing a special eye shield.  Only when you try do you find out how difficult it is to use the goalposts to gauge your position on the pitch, and work out where the ball is coming from.

Since then, we’ve supported the 2019 London Goalball Cup, with junior and mixed ability teams in action from Croydon, Sutton, Winchester and London and we’ll be looking out for even more clubs joining the London League.

Our support for Goalball was boosted in 2019 by a significant donation by The Howard Victor Skan Charitable Trust, through our Liveryman, Roger Skan.  This is just one example of our Charity’s work attracting attention.