Goalball UK

With the most recent grant awarded, Goalball UK launched a comprehensive outreach campaign to coincide with the IBSA World Blind Games in Birmingham 2023 where they ran a week of goalball tournaments. 

Goalball organised 'Have A Go Days' in 13 cities across the UK and released digital content and an explainer videos to reach an even wider audience who wanted to get involved with the sport. As a direct result, they have since had increased interest from schools all over the country and hope to see goalball added to PE curiculums in the future. Further conversations have been started with universities, and several public, private and third party sector organisations, all with the aim of reaching as many children and young people with a vision impairment and/or sight loss. 

Goalball UK were the winners of our first 3-year grant competition in 2017 and have a long standing relationship with the Spectacle Makers' Company and the Charity. The grant of up to £10,000 per year (subject to annual review and regular reporting) was to help set up new Goalball clubs in London and increase awareness of the sport nationwide.