Freedom of the City of London

Becoming a Freeman of the City of London

All those who become Freemen of a City Livery Company may apply to become Freemen of the City of London. Freedom is also available to those on the electoral roll of the City itself and those who have specialist rights through patrimony, formal nomination by City officials or, in the case of some companies, completion of servitude as an apprentice,

Most Spectacle Makers will become Freemen of the City of London by being presented through the Livery Company. You will need to show to the City authorities a Freedom Certificate that shows you have been admitted to membership and you are being supported by other members of the Company, together with an original birth certificate and any other documents recording a change of name.

The Freeman’s Declaration

Freedom certificate from the Victorian era

There is a separate one-off fee, payable to the Chamberlain’s Court, for applying for Freedom of the City. The fee is currently £100. The process involves two visits to the Chamberlain’s Court at Guildhall in the City of London. During the first visit, the applicant must provide not just the Freedom Certificate but also their full birth certificate and any other proof of identity and residence (eg marriage and divorce documents/deed polls/naturalisation papers etc) required by the City of London Corporation, The application then goes to the Court of Common Council, which meets 8 times per year. If the application is approved, applicants will then be invited to return to Guildhall to receive their Freedom in a formal individual ceremony.  Family, friends and colleagues are most welcome and we would always encourage members to take supporters with them to get the most out of this wonderful occasion.

The City of London website has more information or members can contact the Spectacle Makers’ own Clerk to answer any questions.

Sheraz Daya receiving the Freedom of the City of London