Terms & Conditions: Data Protection

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers and The Spectacle Makers’ Charity take our responsibilities seriously in storing and protecting your data. We are committed to both the protection and respect of your privacy.

We strive to keep any information we hold about you safe and secure.

We also aim to ensure any communication with you and use of the data we hold is also secure.

We follow procedures about how your data is stored and used and access to this data is limited.

The data we store is not accessible by unauthorised persons or machines.

1.2 Our Privacy Policy sets out the means by which we process and use any personal information collected from:

Visitors to our website(s) www.spectaclemakers.com
Data collected if you complete an online form from our website, or send us an email
Data collected if you call us on the telephone
Data collected and/or used if you attend an event as a guest of a Spectacle Maker
This policy sets out to explain how we operate to protect your data and privacy.

2. Identity and Contact Details

2.1 We are legally obliged to protect personal information that we collect under the Data Protection Act 2018 (the “DPA”) and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, (the “GDPR”).

2.2 Under the DPA and GDPR, both The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers and The Spectacle Makers’ Charity are registered as ‘data controllers’. The address for all queries relating to use of data is: Mrs Helen Perkins, Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers/ Secretary to the Trustees of the Spectacle Makers’ Charity, Apothecaries’ Hall, Black Friars Lane, London EC4V 6EL

2.3 Should you have any questions or complaints about our Privacy Policy, website, emails or other methods of communicating with you, please post them, in writing, to the address above (2.2) or via email to clerk@spectaclemakers.com or by calling us directly on +44 (0) 207 236 2932.

3. Personal Information collected from you

3.1 We collect and use various types of personal data about visitors to our website including:

Data submitted via forms on our website which may include your name, email address, telephone number, messages and any files you may elect to upload.
We collect technical information about your visit to our site, as outlined in our Cookie Policy.

4. Bases for Processing Your Data

4.1 We use (process) your personal information in a range of ways including:

Your consent. If you have provided us with consent to send you information, we will send you information that we believe will be of genuine interest to you.
Legitimate interest. If you are a member of the Company, we may use your personal data to send you information essential for maintaining your membership.
To answer queries and provide information which may be of interest to you. This does not affect your rights in any way and you can change your consent, or remove it completely, by contacting us as set out in section 2.3. Unless you give specific instructions, we may contact you via email, telephone and/or post.
To fulfil a contract with you. If we are under contract (written, verbal or otherwise) with you, we may need to send you messages or information in order to fulfil this contract
Legal obligation. We may be required under law to provide data to relevant UK authorities.

5. Sensitive Personal Information

5.1 We will not use the website to try to obtain sensitive personal information. However, if you complete an application for membership, a charity grant or a bursary or travel award, that form may contain sensitive personal information. Such information will be held carefully and not disclosed without your consent. If you have any concerns about our use of your personal information, please contact us using the details set out in section 2.3.

6. How We Use Personal Information

6.1 We use your personal information to send you information that you have requested, via our website, telephone, email or other means. We may also use your information to provide you with an improved experience when visiting our website. We may also use your information to facilitate entering into a contract with you.

6.2 We collect, store and use personal information about visitors to our website for the following reasons:

Responding to enquiries submitted via forms on the website
Delivering services that you request us to provide and for the purposes of fulfilling contracts

c. Sending you information and information about events or offers available to members and others associated with the Company that you have consented to receive

Sending news of other members, to which you might want to respond. This sort of information will always be in a restricted members’ area to maintain privacy.
Sending you important information about changes to services or membership
Upholding your right for data removal

7. Sharing your information

We do not sell personal data to anyone. We do not knowingly pass on personal information to third parties for any marketing purposes. No information is made available within protected areas of the website without the data subject’s consent and involvement.

As part of the operation of the website and ensuring its relevance, we may share anonymised, non- personal data with third parties that are GDPR compliant (such as Google Analytics). None of this shared information is able to be identified by person and used for marketing purposes.

8. Where We Transfer and Store Personal Information

8.1 The personal information that we collect and store ourselves is held securely and stored in the UK. Data which passes through our website may pass through a number of countries in Europe.

9. Retention of Personal Information

9.1 In most cases, we will store your personal information for a limited time that relates specifically to the nature of the information you supply to us, or for as long as is necessary to fulfil any contractual obligations. Membership records and photos form part of the Company’s archive and may be held indefinitely, for the purposes of historical information.

If you have any concerns about the retention period of personal information, please contact us using the information in section 2.3.

10. Your Rights

10.1 You have rights in regard to the information we hold about you (personal information). These rights are set out below.

10.2 We process all data in line with your rights and in each case, to the extent required by any applicable laws. We respect your personal information rights in respect of:

Access. If you request us to, we will provide you with information about if we are / are not processing your data. If we hold personal data about you, we will make available to you the information we hold and to which you are entitled. This is called a Subject Access Request.
Correction. If any of the data we hold is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete we will correct said

c. Prevention of processing that is likely to cause damage or distress. We will respect your rights under the GDPR to not process your data in any way that may cause you or any third party unwarranted damage or distress.

Removal of data. We will erase any personal information we hold about you upon request.
Restrictions. If you ask us to, we will only process your personal data if certain criteria are met.
Provision. We will provide you (or authorised third-parties, such as legal representatives,

subject to receiving adequate evidence of such authorisation) a copy of any personal

information we hold about you that you have provided to us electronically.
Objections. We will respect your rights in regard to processing your data for marketing

purposes. We will inform you in advance if we plan to use your data differently. We will never sell your data or transmit it to an unconnected third party for marketing purposes.

11. Cookies

11.1 Our website(s) use Cookies, small files that are placed on your computer or stored in your browser’s cache (memory). These are set when you visit our website if you consent to them being set. We use Cookies for a range of applications, from storing your preferences to modifying our website’s content. This includes:

Improving our website(s) and ensuring it displays correctly on your device
Managing our website(s)
Keeping our website(s) safe and secure
Collecting analytical data about how you use our website
Storing your consent to cookies (even if you decline Cookies, we still have to set a small cookie to remember your preference)
You can find out what cookies we use and how to switch them off by clicking here


You can alter your Cookie preferences at any time on our website at the above address.

12. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

12.1 We reserve the right to modify and update this privacy policy at any time. Changes to this policy will be posted on our website here www.spectaclemakers.com/privacy-policy. You should check back frequently to see any updates or changes to our Privacy Policy.

13. Making a complaint

13.1 If you have a complaint about our use of data or our privacy policy, we would always hope that you would address this with us directly first, by calling 020 7236 2932 or emailing clerk@spectaclemakers.com. If you feel that you have a complaint which has not been resolved by speaking to us directly, you can contact the UK Information Commissioner via telephone on 0303 123 1113 or by visiting their website https://ico.org.uk.

Data Protection and your rights