Silver Medal Winners

The Fincham Medal

The Silver medal was introduced in commemoration of the contribution to ophthalmic optics of brothers Walter and Edgar Fincham. The medal honours exceptional work by those who may be described as being “mid-career.” Five Fincham medals have been awarded, to:

Professor Neville McBrien PhD, FAAO, MCOptom, FBDO (1995) – for his research into myopia, and in particular how the abnormal growth of the eye is controlled in pathological myopia.

Dr Ian Flitcroft MA, DPhil, FRCOphth (2002) – for his research on human accommodation, especially the nature of the visual stimuli that drive accommodation and the relationship between binocular vision and accommodation reflex.

Professor Robin Ali PhD (2004) – for his pioneering work on gene therapy, which revealed that animal vision could be sustained and improved in animals with inherited retinal diseases by introducing normal genes using a viral vector.

Dr James Bainbridge PhD FRCOpth (2009) – for his successful trial of gene therapy in treating a particular form of genetically induced blindness in humans.

Professor Alan Stitt PhD (2017) – for his research on diabetic retinopathy and age-related retinal disease and his pioneering work on re-vascularising ischaemic retina.