WCSM holds regular “Eye-To-Eye” events for members, giving us a chance to learn and exchange ideas. There is a mix of general and optically-related subjects so no-one is excluded from joining in.  Guests are welcome, by invitation from an existing member or by application to the office.

Over the last few months, events have included:

–   a multi-disciplinary discussion on “What good has Covid-19 brought to working practice?” and a look at how eye health professionals have gone beyond their usual roles to help develop testing for COVID.

–  a discussion on the valuable work done by volunteers in a range of settings

–  a webinar on International Perspectives in Eye Health with representatives from IAPB, the World Council of Optometry, the Optometry Council of India and National Vision Inc.

–  a session giving practical advice on helping people with a dementia

–  a webinar on the history and provenance of items from the collection of the British Optical Association Museum at the College of Optometrists.

You can read the reports from some of those sessions below.

Eye to Eye September 2021 – Journeyman and New Freemen Launch

Eye to Eye June 2021 – Sight and Sound on the High Street

Eye to Eye April 2021 – A day through my eyes

 Eye to Eye March 2021 – The Rise of the Robot!

Eye to Eye February 2021 – To Covid and Beyond!

Eye to Eye January 2021 – Collecting optics and the Eyecare Professions


Dates for future events appear in the Calendar on our Home page.