WCSM holds regular “Eye-To-Eye” events for members, giving us a chance to learn and exchange ideas. There is a mix of general and optically-related subjects so no-one is excluded from joining in.  Guests are welcome, by invitation from an existing member or by application to the office.

Over the last few months, events have included:

–   an in depth discussion on sustainability in all areas of the optical world led by key figures from the sector, covering recent innovation and changes within the UK manufacturing process, to the small every day things we can all do to reduce our impact on the planet.

–  an overview and recap of just a handful of the charities from the sight loss sector that have worked closely with the Spectacle Makers’ Charity and the impact that support has had on improving the lives of people who are blind or partially sighted.

– a session led by our own members giving first hand accounts of their ‘typical’ day in a hospital, covering a wide range of roles and levels of experience.

You can read the reports from some of those sessions below.

Eye to Eye June 2022: Think Green!

Eye to Eye May 2022: Charities in focus

Eye to Eye April 2022: Behind the screens in hospital

Eye to Eye September 2021 – Journeyman and New Freemen Launch

Eye to Eye June 2021 – Sight and Sound on the High Street





Dates for future events appear in the Calendar on our Home page.