Baluji Music Foundation

The Baluji Music Foundation has received two grants from our Charity, the first in 2018 for £5,000 and £3,500 in March 2021.

The Baluji Music Foundation facilitates participation in music making for blind and vision impaired people. It provides workshops and performance opportunities and supports blind musicians developing a career in music. Through music and performance, the organisation seeks to promote positive attitudes to visual impairment and disability. The charity was established in 2008 by prominent blind Indian musician Baluji Shrivastav OBE together with musician and writer Linda Shanson.

The Inner Vision Orchestra, the UK’s only blind orchestra, has performed in venues across London and is promoting accessibility to music for more blind and visually impaired musicians, giving them confidence through workshops and performances.

Our grants have helped the funding of hands-on workshops around the country for blind and vision impaired people.  The Baluji Music Foundation provides live streams of their work. If you would like a taster, you can go to the videos on their website.

Our latest grant will sponsor the final concert at the end of a six-week programme for blind aand disabled musicians.