The Spectacle Makers’ Society

The Spectacle Makers’ Society provides opportunities for Freemen and Liverymen to get to know each other better through social events, weekends away around the country and day trips with optical and non-optical themes.

All Company members automatically become members of The Spectacle Makers’ Society and Society events are open to both Freemen and Liverymen.

Events are advertised in advance by broadcast email, on the website and in the Company journal “From the Master and Wardens”. Events are organised by members of the Society Committee, an independent group of Liverymen and Freemen. Anyone can contribute ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Vacancies on the Committee are advertised to all Freemen and Liverymen. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected from within the Committee. Whilst the Company does not control the Society, there are inevitably very strong relationships between members of the Society Committee, the Court and the Membership Committee.

Events can only be booked by members of the Company but friends, family and guests can join in too. It’s an ideal way for potential new members to spend some time with us and try out how it feels to be a member of a friendly Livery Company. As colleagues and friends come as guests to Society occasions, they make friends, contribute to our Charity and often decide that they too would like to become Spectacle Makers.

At least one Society event per year will have a family theme when members are encouraged to bring along children and grandchildren. We aim to get out of London and into members’ own communities. Costs vary from a nominal £5 to as much as £500 for a full weekend away for 2 people.

Each year, the Master (as President of the Society) organises a weekend to show off a favourite place in the UK. Each weekend includes a formal dinner with lots of optional activities – a guided walk, a riverboat trip, real ale in a historic pub, a private tour of a house or museum, golf, crazy golf or even Highland Games. You can choose to do as much, or as little, as you like. Masters’ Weekends in the last few years have extended from Kent to the Borders of Scotland, via a weekend in a Cambridge college and 24 hours with our affiliated Reserve Squadron during their training weekend.