Work based assessment qualifications

Work based assessment qualifications

The WCSM offers a number of assessments which are assessed in the workplace and are designed to be built around in-house training as part of the employee’s day to day activities within the practice or manufacturing lab.

There is no formal training structure to these qualifications, and in order to achieve them, the learner must compile a portfolio of evidence to satisfy the assessor that they are competent in the unit.

This evidence can take a number of different forms, written, verbal, physical, witness testimony and even being watched by the assessor actually carryout the activity. The assessor will visit the practice at least three times to check progress and advice on the evidence that is being gathered. Once the portfolio is complete it is forwarded to the WCSM and the external verifier will confirm if the qualification has been achieved.

There are no examinations with these qualifications, and they are an alternative to the formal training an examination qualification on offer. They mirror the content and are of the same level. There is no set start time, you can start at any time and generally take around 9 to 12 months to complete.

The qualification handbooks below explain the process further and set out the criteria that is assessed.

Further details on how to enrol and fees are available from the WCSM by contacting the administrator on:
or telephone 0207 236 2932

Work based qualifications

Qualification handbook

Administration of examinations including registration is undertaken by the ABDO examinations team, on behalf of WCSM.

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