Charitable Work

WCSM Charitable Work

The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers has two associated charities: The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers' Charity (Registered Charity no.1072172) and The WCSM Education Trust (Registered Charity no. 1135045 and registered in England and Wales as a company limited by guarantee under no. 7136548). They have different purposes.

The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers' Charity

The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers' Charity is a grant-giving body. It was established in 1998 when the Company established an endowment, the interest from which will be distributed in the form of charitable grants. The Charity has a separate Board of Trustees, which meets quarterly.

Our mission is to enable people with vision impairment, and their families, to lead full and active lives through:

  • Grants to national and international organisations that provide services for vision impaired people and conduct associated research
  • Grants to support eye health training and education
  • Grants to charitable organisations which increase access for vision impaired people in business and leisure activities

Legacies form a key part of this mission, alongside interest on investments and regular contributions of Freemen and Liverymen. We welcome all gifts and will acknowledge these in whatever way the donors feel to be appropriate.

If you wish to discuss a potential legacy or addition to your will via a codicil or letter of wishes, please contact the Clerk on 020 7236 2932 or All conversations on this matter will be treated as confidential.

The WCSM Education Trust

Founded in 2010, the principal aim of this Charity is to advance study, knowledge and education in the field of optics for the public benefit (and particularly for the benefit of the vision impaired). In 2016, the WCSM Education Trust established a new bursary scheme for those beginning optical training courses in the UK. A new Travel Award Scheme for ophthalmologists in training has also now been launched, offering awards of up to £500 each for successful applicants presenting papers at recognised conferences.